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Re: Help my 5KTQ

Thanks for all the help!

> The radiator fan problem is either: the resistor pack (2nd stage gone kaput),  the  radiator temp
> fan switch  mounted in the lower left end of the radiator, or the 2nd stage relay in the fuse box
> near the windshield  under the hood. Sometimes the 2nd stage relay points will weld themselves 
> together and kill the battery. The radiator temp switch is a three wire connection and if you unplug 
> the connector at the temp switch and short together the "correct"  terminals  (with Key On) you 
> should be able to isolate the problem. Check the wiring diagram before you begin.  The resistor pack 
> is bolted to the frame rail in front of the radiator  under the plastic cover. 

I checked the relays the other week and they were all ok.  Are the 
1st and 2nd stage isolated on the same relay, without the 3rd?

I recall a day many moons ago when the fan would also turn on 
for a few minutes after you turned off the car.  It hasn't done that 
for ages.  The manual I have for the car says that you can unplug the 
radiator sender switch and short it to see if the fan is functional.  
I will have to get on the grubbies and try.

Chad noted that it might be the motor?  Is there a way to determine 
if it is just the resistor pack or the motor? 

> The Starting/Running problem you described was already described correctly  by Robert and is 
> caused by vapor lock/fuel perculation in the injector lines after the car is warmed up and is then 
> shut off for 10-15 min. The winter oxygenated fuel makes the problem worse. I have been tempted to 
> change the injector cooler fan temp switch (mounted on the rear part of the valve cover) to a lower 
> turn on temp variety to get this fan to come on more often.

This would also account for the "fumbling" I feel after driving the 
car on the interstate for over 30 minutes.  It will accelerate just 
fine, but at the point where it is just receiving a small amount of 
gas (ie. cruising on highway) it burps.  VERY ANNOYING!
Thanks for the help!

- Mike

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