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Help my 5KTQ

Hello friends,

I just recently joined the list, and have been immensely enjoying it!

A couple of questions for the experts out there.

I have a 1986 5000 CS Turbo Quattro, and it is slowly dying!  I love 
this car, but it is developing problems faster than I can fix them 
(financially speaking).  I am hoping to save some money by fixing 
what I can.

1)  Only Stage Three of the cooling fan is working.  So, when I sit 
in city traffic, it sounds like a DC-10 is landing in front of me.  A 
friends suggests that the resistor pack (?) needs to be replaced.
Does this sound like a likely solution?  Where is it located, and is 
it possible for me to fix?

2)  Driver window doesn't work anymore.  I dissassembled the door, 
and noted that the regulator needs replacing.  Any secrets to this, 
or could a simpleton like myself do it?


Solve this problem, and receive the "Mr. Fix It!" award:

3)  Start car.  Works fine, idling at 800 RPM.  Drive any distance.  
Stop car.  Go shopping.  Get in car.  Start car.  Car no longer idles 
when you come to a stop.  Drive 3 footed.  Car accidentally stalls.  
Car will not start.  Just turns over.  Sit embarrasedly in 
intersection for no less than 1 minute. (seems like 1 hour)  Start 
car.  Will start.  Won't idle still.

If you let it cool for 1/2 hour the process begins again.

A)  How come it runs just fine on your first trip?  You could drive 
for 8 hours, and it will idle just fine.  But as soon as you turn it 
off, and on again, it won't idle!?

B)  Release me from this bondage.

- Mike

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