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Re: Need a Good VW Transaxel and/or Info

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> HELP!!!
> My wife tried to teach our daughter to shift and now it looks like I will be
> replacing the 5 speed transaxel in her 86 VW Cabriolet (Rabbit Convertible).
> Actually, it may just need the differential replaced/repaired as all gears
> work, but there is a loud rhythmic bang noise constantly coming from the
> differntial whenever you accelerate in any gear.  The noise goes away (or at
> least is very quiet) when slowing down in any gear.  Also, I drained out
> several large gear teeth and can see damage to the large gear when looking 
> up into the transaxel drain hole.
> Another point, which may not be related, is that ever since we bought the 
> car a year ago, it has made a banging or poping noise when accelerating in
> reverse.  It still works smothly in all gears and reverse, it just makes a 
> lot of expensive sounding noises.
> I missed getting the free (stuck in gear) transaxel that someone posted here
> recently, :-(  but from the posts I gather that some of these transaxels are
> to be avoided as they self destruct or somthing.
> I would like to solicit any and all info on which year model (series?, case
> number?) transaxels to avoid or seek, and what year models will interchange.
> If the lucky recipient of the free transaxel has any spares, info, trades,
> etc. it would be nice to hear from you, since I am in the Dallas/Ft. Worth
> area too.
> If possible please reply or call ASAP as I have to repair/replace her
> transaxel within the next couple of days so I don't have to miss too much
> work.[40 miles is a long way to walk and guess who is driving my car now?:)]
> Please reply directly to me on E-Mail, or call me at 214-918-7326 or metro 
> 817-469-6539.  If you call from out of town, I can get your number and call
> you right back and we can let MCI pay for the call.
> Thanks in advance,
> Gerry Terranova
> ES 88 Honda Civic
> ES 86 VW Cabriolet with terminal transaxel
> P.P.S  Anyone have the VW list address and or Audi List those might have
>        info on VW transaxels?

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There is also a VW newsgroup, but I can't seem to post to newsgoups.