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Re: Replacing Shocks on 200T

> If my problem is indeed the upper strut bearing, will I be able to grab
> it and yank on it and see anything implying a bad bearing?  I think the
> left one is fine, because the drivers side floorboards are what is
> thumping (my girlfriend actually told me of this - she drove it for three
> weeks, then when we were going somewhere and I was driving she didn't feel
> it, but I still did!)  Any help is vastly appreciated!

In my experience -- I've dealt with this twice -- one of two things will be
visible when you check this: 1) the metal bushing through which the strut
shaft protrudes will have broken free from the surrounding rubber (this is
very obvious) or 2) when you bounce the car, you'll be able to see the nut
and washer on the end of the strut move slightly.

This is an easy repair (make sure to mark the alignment before you take it
apart and save yourself a bit of extra work) and since GPR gets something
like $12 a piece for these, it's pretty cheap too.

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