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Re: '86 5000 CS Q for sale (Maryland, USA)

On Wed, 29 Mar 1995, Dan Simoes wrote:
> As an aside, has anyone owned both a 4000Q and a 90Q?  Could you compare
> them as far as performance, space, etc?  One of those, or a 200TQ
> are probably what I will look at.
I might qualify, I previously owned a 4000sq, and now a 90q albeit 20V. 
The 4000q FELT faster at the bottom end, and midrange, only because of 
its torque curve. This may not be a fair comparison because the 90 is a 
20V. But the 20V will wholsale slaughter the 4000q in all respects. I 
raced my friends '86 4000sq and it wasnt even close. Althought the 4000q 
feels quicker off the line, it certainly isnt. Its top end is another 25 
mph or so more than the 4000q as well. (Aerodynamics play a big part here...)

Just my .02 worth.. hope it helps.

P.s. My wife bought me CAFFEINE FREE coke last night.. anyone know if its 
grounds for divorce in CT?

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