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Where's my Pepto?? Was Wrecked 86 audi 4000q ForSale! (fwd)

>>> Sometime in the past Dan forwarded:
*I have a wrecked (hit  front left) 86 Audi 4000 quattro that I want to
*sell. It has new brake rotors all around, new exhaust, new oxy sensor, and 
*new tune up parts (3 weeks). Come see it at 89 Easton Street, Allston MA on 
*street (plate 714-BLV) and make an offer! Engine runs, but tranny won't
*engage.  Ran beautifully before :(
*- -Steve
*- --
*Dan Simoes                                dans@ans.net
*ANS CO+RE Systems, Inc.                  (914) 789-5378
*100 Clearbrook Road                     Elmsford, NY 10523

So I blasted off a quick message to the original poster:

> Greetings,
>     Your post concerning a wrecked 86 quattro was forwarded to the quattro
> mailing list, so I'm sure you getting a few responses by now.  What are 
> asking for a price?  I am a student over at NU, and will likely swing over
> tonight to take a look at it.  The stable consists of about 5 quattros at
> this point, and I am always looking for another.  Specially one that could
> be fun to rebuild.  Anyway, drop me a line at co-op or school.
> Thanks,
> Stott Hare
> qa3@bur.dmcc.com  (co-op)
> stott@ccs.neu.edu  (school)
> (617) 373-7471

And seeing how this is a Friday, and most of us will be in good moods/wind 
down mode, I thought I'd post a disheartening, gut wrenching response from 

!!! Gone $75

Make ya kind sick to your stomach, eh?