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Re: Tuning Air flow

Should I get into the middle of this frey?  Aw, what the hey ....

The one issue that I don't see brought up in this discussion is the fact
that tuning [at least by the true definition of the word] optimizes the
system's performance under a somewhat limited range.  Those velocity stacks
are tuned to be efficient at a specific flow rate.  That is all well and 
good for race cars with tight gear spacing and meant to be run as close as
possible to peak performance, but these same criteria probably do not apply
to the typical street app.  Now if we could retrofit that switched runner 
intake manifold from the Audi V6 into our cars ....

The characteristics that we are trying to use are: lowering the temperature 
of the incoming air to increase density and thermal efficiency of the engine.  
The thoughts about using ram air induction are also intended for increasing 
the amount of air that gets forced into the cylinder.  Although the second 
item has clear benefits for an atmospheric engine, I'm wondering if it buys 
anything in a turbocharged app ... isn't the max pressure limited by the WG?  

oh, oh ... I can hear it now ....
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