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Re: 5000 models

On Wed, 19 Apr 1995, James N Gagliardi wrote:

> It's even fun to drive.  There's something uniquely satisfying about
> driving as fast as you can with your foot on the floor everywhere you
> go, even if it's not that fast.  On the Interstate you you can easily
> cruise at 65-70, though you need to downshift to 4th on hills.  Any
> Idiot(flame suit on) can drive a 300hp 5000tq fast.  In regular road

Oh, absolutely... I owned a '68 MB 220D (non turbo). Now picture a 2 ton 
car with 50hp! (Not sure the numbers, but Ill bet Im not far off!) That 
car was a blast to drive, On my way home from work, I would regularly 
race my friend in his old VW bug. Close race! Its the only street legal 
racing that I know of! :)  If we saw a cop, we would just keep going, 
because chances are we still werent speeding.  Even full bore up a hill, 
we would have people behind us honking at us to get going.  Little did 
they know...


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