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Re: Kimberly'sSqueakyQuattro

To all,

(I am posting this message for my little sister. I am also at a loss as to
what is wrong....)

"My 1985 Audi Quattro 4000s has been making "knocking" noises since the time
of purchase a year ago.  The person I purchased the car from, along with my
brother who is an expert on Audi's, told me the noise was coming from the
lower suspension bushings that were bad.  I had the four lower A-arm bushings
replaced in the front.  The mechanic who replaced them said that only one of
the bushings was bad, but replaced all.  This seemed to solve the problem for
a week or so.

The noise slowly started up again and progressively became worse.  My brother
suggested the "Shock tower bushings", I had to agree, since the noise only
happened when the car ws backing up, coming more from the driver's side,
turning to the right or left, the wheel at about 45 degrees of a full turn.

I had the shock tower bushings replaced.  The noise hasn't been fixed and
seems to be worse than before. The noise now sounds like a joint is popping.
It seems to be coming more from the front driver's side and still pops when
the car is being backed up and turned.  The funny thing is, I have noticed
once or twice, a very small pop when I have traveled forward over a bump in
the road.  I can also feel the pop on the floor board.

Someone please help me fix this problem, it's driving me crazy!."

Kim Bartz  (my sister)
Los Gatos, CA 
'85 4000s quattro

"Maybe I am not such an expert"
Thompson Smith <thompers@aol.com>
Art Director
Audi Quattro Club, USA
'83 Ur-q (RLY RACR)
'86 5000CStq