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Re: Becoming a tech? Opinions wanted


Check the last couple of issues of Hot Rod magazine.  One of them has a
VERY good list of tech schools.  Everything from seminars to career
specialty schools.  Wish I'd had said list 25 years ago!

My oldest son is currently at UTI in the Chicago area.  I'd highly
recommend it as an up to date general automotive & diesel school.
Beautiful facility to visit...have three locations...publish their own text
teach year round in three week phases...encourage the students to work at
least part time to help with room & board.  Not ivy league, but excellent
for tech people.  TC Mits is a lot nicer than back home too.

The people in our area that do best as techs and as small businessmen all
come out of the dealerships, Volvo, Saab, MB, BMW, VAG in particular. It
takes 2 to 3 years to get a basic understanding of Fritz's (or Sven's)
dealership mentality, then you can decide how to improve on it.

Greater metropolitan areas are probably best for job opportunities in
general,  although some far northern states have teeming enclaves of
quattro weilding yuppies hand delivering city money to rural techs.

Good luck...

-ned bennett