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Re: Factory exh performance?

>Not really a conflict at all, and tho you didn't go after sound, it's my
>opinion that that is what you got....  The honeycombs are by far the biggest
>restriction to address, all the rest with the same dia pipe yields very
>little (yes, as in tiny %) of all the given restriction from the header
>back....  In fact, assuming the stock mufflers are good, my attetion after
>addressing  the cereal box would be b4 it not after it...........  You want
>to make the restriction after the cat significant first, cuz it ain't unless

Is anyone concerned with the legality of an empty cat? Is it to say that
mods to the exhaust after the cat are pretty much useless to those who want
to stay legal? I think you would have to have almost to no conscious to
hollow the cat and be happy about it. Of course, for off-road purposes it is
OK, right? Isn't it possible to increase the dia. of the cat along with the

86 VW GTi 
87 Audi 4KS   
81 Audi 2-door 5+5