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Re: cat removal?

  I don't want to start a diesel Vs gas flame war here, been there, done
  However, there is more here than "meets the eye". The gaseous matter
  emitted by gas-powered vehicles gets breathed back out of the lungs
  when you exhale, and what gets into the blood is also quickly expelled.
  The problem with diesels is not the gaseous matter, but the particulate
  matter. The particulate matter gets lodged in the tissue of the lungs and
  can be retained there for long periods of time, unlike gaseous matter
  that is quickly expelled. No only does the particulate matter stay lodged
  in the lung tissue, but that particulate matter is *highly* carcinogenic.
  possibly, diesel engines may not contribute to "pollution" as much as
  gas powered vehicles, or may not contribute to ozone-depleting problems
  and the "greenhouse effect" as much as gas-powered vehicles, but that
  highly cancinogenic particulate matter is "particularly" nasty to anyone
  with lungs that breathes, unless you like lung cancer. So, one's
  of "pollution" is important. I'll take some smog and "greenhouse effect"
  over lung cancer anyday!