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TCQ wheel offsets

I spent some time today test-fitting the 8x15 and 8.5x15 wheels I'm planning
to use on my '85 4000S DSP/ITE car but I'm not sure how much offset I should
specify for the fronts when I order the new centers from Revolution.

Assuming the front suspension on the TQC is similar to that of my 4000, does
anyone have any experience using 8.5x15 wheels on one of these and know what
minimum offset is necessary to clear the steering arm and the maximum offset
that will clear the rear inner fender at full lock?  With the Hoosier 225/45
I have mounted at the moment, it appears 16-18mm is the magic number but I'm
not sure because these wheels are from a late-model Mustang and it's hard to
hold them in place, move the suspension up-and-down and to-and-fro, and then
measure clearances with any kind of accuracy.

BTW, it appears I can get the 8x15s on the rear to fit by just rolling under
the fender lip.  Of course, I'm also using a 205/45 rather than a 225/45 and
that does make it easier.  I'll have to flare the front fenders to clear and
since I can't just bolt a set of Quattro fenders on (assuming I could afford
to buy a pair of them in the first place!) I'd like to copy the shape of the
flares, make a pair out of fiberglass and graft them onto my car.  If anyone
knows of a Phoenix-area Quattro I could take a look at, please get in touch.
As always, any input will be appreciated.

                /| | | |\  |   |\  | | |\  |  AudiDudi@delphi.com
               /-| | | | | | = | | | | | | |  Jeffrey Goggin
              /  | |_| |/  |   |/  |_| |/  |  Scottsdale, Arizona

P.S.: At the end of Saturday, our boy Steve in his '86 4000Q was approx. 1.1
seconds behind Andy Hollis in his 4-cyl. MX-6 ... let's hope he made up some
time today!