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What the h*** is going on?

>Hi Y'all,
>After having some A/C work done last week (dash vents didn't blow cold,
only available at windshield and/or foot vents - now fixed) the colder and
warmer switches no longer work.  I can have it set at any temperature I want
as long as I want it at 72F.  :-(
>Some advice, please.  Should I:
>1.      Yank out the controller and do some fixin' myself?  (If so, how
does it come out and what do I fix?)
>2.      Go back to my fiendly (sic) Audi dealer for a round of table-thumping?
>3.      Anything else?

OK.  Just after I posted the above I had an errand to run.  I fired her up
and started off.  Lo! and Behold!  I could increase and decrease the
temperature settings.  Now the switch which selects inside and outside
temperature displays doesn't work.

The explanation?  DAMFINO!  Suggestions, please!

Dirty contacts on the head?  


I p***ed off the great Audi god?  

It's time for another major financial contribution to the great Audi dealer
in the sky?

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