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Re: Cold strating problems, etc.


   You prolly have a faulty or bad connection at the cold start temp sensor,
   it's the one that faces the rear of the car where the MFTS is located and has
   two prongs on it, it is rated at 15C and controls the cold start
   injector......  You may want to make sure that the connection is still good
   since you have an 86...

It might be more complicated...at some point Audi introduced the "Hot Start
Pulse" so-called Relay, which was an excuse for adding not only a whole new
relay, but lots of wiring as well into the fray! I kinda recall that the
HSP-Relay is in parallel with the cold-start thermoswitch, and not in series
with it -- do [did] you hear something clacking one every three seconds or
so while cranking? (That's the HSPRelay, which is supposed to override the
cold-start-thermoswitch and pulse the cold-start injector even on hot en-

Pull the cold-start injector and see if it's spritzing go juice when you
crank, and commence debugging from there . . .