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Ovlov vice Audi (Was: conclusion on: 200 Quattro Wagons)

On Sat, 8 Jul 1995, Carl DeSousa wrote:

> Or maybe I need to defect to Volvos.

No, the S6 is the answer. When I went over to drive the 91 200 Q  Wagon
last week, I picked up the new brochure dedicated to the S6 Wagon. It does
have, standard, the two jump seats. 0-60, incidently, in 6.6 sec, vice 6.2 for
the S6 sedan.  The dealer told me that they -to their surprise- had not sold
any of their allotment. They expect to get them in September or October.
So Carl, I think you could dicker on one, and local credit unions offer 8 year
financing...(my wife wants the Clearcoat Black Metallic with Anthracite Leather

The turbo 850 Olvov only comes with an automatic. So slow! On the street, I
leave them in the dust -to their surprise- all the time. Ovlov, by the way,
knows the S6 is the answer, too. They are taking the fwd 850 platform ,
installing a 960 rearend, and linking the two with a driveshaft and viscous
coupling.  A cheap copy, I guess, but what are they going to do about those
second rate crash test results!

Tom F.

1990 200 TQW IA Stage ?
1987 Honda Civic 4WD Wagon
Wanna VW Syncro Westie