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Manual For 200T

Hey, group, I just received Audi's list if service, etc. pubs 
available and looked at Bentley's price for a manual for the 1990 200 

$169.95???????  I just want a manual, not a full set of 30 interactive 
CD-roms bundled with 3-D glasses!!

Does anyone know a less expensive place to order/acquire/trade 
Bentley manuals??

On this subject, I note: I have the Bentley manual for the
1984 5000S.  I sold the car and therefore will (as I have become 
crass and commercial, since these darn things are evidently printed 
on solid platinum...) sell the silly manual.  (Bentley says $124 for 
this.  Will you respect me in the morning if I pay that much, I 
ask???)  How does $20 sound?

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