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Manual For 200T & bad experience with Zumbach's of Manhattan

pelletman@mainnet.dmc.net writes:

>Carlsen Audi sold me the set of Bentley's for "only" $100 + $4 s/h.  I
>talked to a guy, not Linda, and told him I'd heard that's how much they were
>selling them for.  I don't know if he made a mistake.  My manual covers
>1984? to 88 5k, turbo, diesel, quattro etc.  It's two volumes and I got it
>two days ago.  Took a week to ship.
>Dave Toppin

What's the phone number of this Carlsen place? I went in to Zumbach Audi of 
Manhattan, and went to their parts place to check it out. I asked about the 
manuals, and the guy there said that "those manuals are no longer available". 
Lying thru his teeth. I couldn't believe it. Perhaps these guys prefer their 
customers ignorant, I don't know. But I'm staying away from Zumbach's.