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Re: More bad luck....now it's the Delta radio...

Hairy green toads from Mars made Tak Cheung say:

> Oh...I do have the code to the radio and it's the correct code, besides, the
> thing won't even turn on.  I suspect a bad on/off switch on the volume pot.
> Otherwise, the thing works fine.
> Does Blaunpunkt (sp??) make the Delta radio for Audi ?  Any other radio 
> works with the current connectors and diversity antenna, and the display on 
> the dash ??

That's exactly what happened to my radio. The volume knob got flaky,
then the switch stopped working completely.

The fix was fairly simple:

	1) Drove to Lechmere, found a nice demo model Kenwood
	   disc player for $250.
	2) had shop install it.
	3) Listened to much better music than from Delta radio.

Seriously, I decided to pitch my delta (actually, sent it to
Bob D'Amato for experimentation). The radio is not that good,
and it wasn't worth fixing. Most aftermarket stereos will blow
it away sound-wise.  The Audi has DIN mounts, so most new radios
slide right in.

P.S. I never miss the center display. It was annoying anyway.
After a week, I didn't even notice it's absence. I think it was
sort of a "gadget" anyway.


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