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Re: 100 vs 90

Hairy green toads from Mars made Solomon Ngan say:

> I have the good fortune of adding another AUDI to my collection.
> I've just bought a '93 AUDI 100S, only 20,000 Km  on it.  It is a 
> Audi demo.


> I am surprised how well it handles, being a non-quattro.
> What surprised me more is that during turns, the 100 has less body-
> roll than my 90q20v.  Surely one would think the larger 100 would be 
> softer with its suspension system.   But my 90q has  noticably 
> more body roll.   This makes me wonder may be something is not quite 
> right about my shocks or springs.  She has 128,000 km on it.  Using 
> the bounce test (2 bounces at each corner), she seems OK.

I have a 1989 100Q, and a 1990 90Q20V. There is no comparison.
The 20V is much tighter, and has almost no body roll. My 100Q
(with new Konis) still has much more body roll than the 90Q.

Two data points to explain this:

	1) The 1989's are quite different than the 1993's
	   in suspensions.

	2) My 1989 has 175K KM (108K miles) on it, and is
	   in need of new bushings.

Perhaps your 90Q suffers from #2?


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