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Re: Audi S4 questions

Hi Darin,

I have a '92 S4 that I have owned for a little over a year.  I initially
didn't like the ride, it was too stiff.  You shouldn't have the same problem
because the '92 had the non-americanized suspension.  '93's have smaller
front anti-roll bars, no rear anti-roll bar, reduced spring and shock rates,
believe me, this is not a bad thing.  If your thinking of making any
suspension mods I would recommend Eibach springs with Bilstein shocks or the
ABT sport suspension.  Eibach's will lower your car about an 1.5 inches and
the ABT suspension will lower your car about 2.5 inches.  I was dragging
occasionally with the ABT suspension and now have settled with the
variable-rate Eibach springs.

I haven't done any performance mods myself.  However, I have driven a '93 S4
with the German RS2 modifications; very fast.  The RS2 modifications
consists of a new computer ( actually a chip change), a new high flow
exhaust manifold and a new larger turbo.  This modification delivers
approximately 310 HP and cost around $3000.  A good value, I think.  

You can get the actual RS2 parts from Jo Hoppen, Audi Sport USA 813-924-6380
or a non-factory S4 sport kit from Ned Ritchie at IA.

Finally, I would be interested in what you discover on the CD changer.  All
S4's came with the Bose Sound System's.


>Hello everyone,
>I'm a new subscriber to this area.  I currently own an '87 Audi
>4000CS Quattro and just recently purchased a '93 S4 Quattro.  I
>have a few questions and was wondering if anyone might know some
>answers or have some ideas.
>1.  Our S4 has all of the option with the exception of the CD
>changer.  I have been told that the car is already pre-wired to
>accept a 6 or 10 disc changer... I'm wondering if the changer has
>to be purchased through my Audi dealer (at considerable cost), or
>if I could buy a 6 or 10 disc Blaupunkt aftermarket CD changer for
>the car.  The brochure given to me for the S4 shows a Blaupunkt
>changer in one of the pictures, so I figured this might work.  If
>it makes a difference, my S4 is equipped with the Audi/Bose sound
>2.  Does anyone know where I can find a good quality bra for an
>S4?  I'd hate to get a bunch of rock chips on the car!  :(
>3.  And finally, how about some performance modifications?  I know
>a "chip" that will supposedly boost BHP to 247, but I was wondering
>if anyone else had tried this method... and if so, what is your
>opinion on the matter?
>Darin Nederhoff