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Re[6]: WOT accessory cutoff switch

I would make sure that you interrupt the blue wire before you ground the 
terminal.  otherwise you will have a short to the ignition switch.


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Subject: Re: Re[4]: WOT accessory cutoff switch
Author:  "Igor Strashny" <igor@msrbsgi1.mc.duke.edu> at SMTP
Date:    7/20/95 3:13 PM

Yes you can ground the excitation wire to kill the load
  instantly without damaging the alternator however if your electrical system
is in good shape i.e. your battery is charged, alternator consumes negligible 
amount of power from the engine.
A/C compressor deprives your engine of 5-7kW which is about 5-10% of the engine 
output depending on rpm.
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