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Re: #12 fuse problem continues! :(

     I believe this circuit also excites the altenator.  Without this fuse 
     the altenator won't charge and the battery will eventually go dead.
     All of the little lights in the interior are also on this fuse.  i.e. 
     the light for the cigarette lighter.  Sometimes the wires for these 
     lights get pinched by something and short.  If this car was an 
     automatic, I would say that it would be the wires for the light in the 
     shift console are getting pinched by the shifter.  Obviously you don't 
     have an automatic.
     Mike Sylvester

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Subject: #12 fuse problem continues! :(
Author:  Steve Dambrowski <steved@panix.com> at SMTP
Date:    7/20/95 5:49 PM

Car: 1986 Audi 4000 CSQ
Problem: #12 fuse keeps going out
  Last week, fuse #12 (controls inst. panel, fuel/tmp gauge, oil/volt 
gauge, turn signal) blew. So the next day, I checked and retaped the 
wires in the trunk and put a new fuse in. Everything was fine for a week. 
Then last night on my way to work it blew again. So today, I went back 
over the wires and tried another fuse. As soon as I started the car, it 
went out again. :(  I'm at a loss as to the cause. The wires at the 
trunk hinge seem ok, (well, taped and unexposed) so I don't *think* the 
problem is at that spot. Everything was working fine before this, so I'm 
not sure why it all of the sudden appeared. (Aside from the car being an 
Audi! <G>)
   Until the cause it found, would it hurt to drive with the fuse out? I 
know the turn signals don't work, but other then that it seems ok.
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