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5000 window switches

Just finished R+Ring the lovely Audi switches. Thanks to all the list
members for the info on how to be a brute on working tender little
electrical parts.
I followed Scott (PDQSHIP)'s suggestion but modified the recommemded tool
list. Instead of using a swiss army blade, I used a couple of varying sized
jeweler's screwdrive. The kind you can pick up for a few $$$.

Stuff I noticed:
        I used an engine sized flat-blade screwdriver (standard 1/2 inch??
blade) to jam in the slot between the switches in the cluster. Then I used
a large jeweler's screwdriver to lever against the cluster plastic and the
switch. Use a little force and kapow, the switch flies off.

The switch is held together by 4 little white tabs on the underside. I put
2 jeweler's screwdriver between the wide sides of the black plastic body
and the white base that has the 5 prongs on it. Spread open the 2 wide
sides of the body and the base should come out after some persuading. Beer
would probably help to lube at this point. But it was 9:30am on saturday.
Beer and saturday cartoons don't mix too well.
Cleaned points with find grit sandpaper and a nice little dose of Radio
Slack TV Tuner. Reassembly in reverse order. Noting the direction of the up
and down sides.

Also helps to have labelled the 4 plugs of the window switches before hand.
Seems like someone or maybe Hans at the factory had already put on VR (Vor
rechts) VL  etc . . .
BTW what is HR? Fergot vot waz back or rear auf Deutsche. Danke viele.

May all of you who have extra switches have fun cleaning them.
There's a nifty little resistor and LED in there for all those who have
burnt out window lights. Nice solder work on mine. Must have been a gut day
at the factory. Or supplier haus.


Ernest Wong