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Re: Spoiler on Coupe GT

>So here's another question that might prompt some responses...
>On my 1986 Audi Coupe GT, it of course has a stock dinky spoiler on the back
>trunk lid.  Does it really offer any enhanced drivability to the car or is
>it strickly cosmetic?  Does anybody have any figures that show the downward
>thrust it places on the back end proportional to speed?  Maybe it causes a
>swirl in the air to keep the rear window clear in snow and such, any comment?

In all likelihood its a REO (revenue enhancement officer) magnet.  It was added
to attract a certain portion of the population and by golly that's the same 
that police are trained to look for (police love statistics, and if it's the 
root of a self
fulfilling prophecy so be it) - but hey if you like the way it looks then 
who cares
 - keep it, I'm sure it can be restored.

jim h 

>Norm Rashleigh
>Ottawa Canada....