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Re: Weird Cutoff

 I wrote last week:

> Subject: Re: Weird Cutoff
> >>     All electricals are *completely* dead: no lights, not even the
> temperature
> >>     display on the climate control. Cursory glance at the belt
> reveals
> >>     nothing, and I go and call for the AAA tow-truck.
> >>
> >>     And now the mystery starts. Settling down in the car to wait for
> the
> >>     truck, I try the ignition just for the heck of it. Car starts
> right up,
> >>     as if nothing had happened! No weak battery, no nothing !

	Looks like there's no mystery after all.  I took the alternator
	out on Saturday and looked at the brushes: they were worn to the
	minimum spec. according to Bentley's (5 mm), and one of them was
	somewhat eccentrically worn as well. The belt showed tiny
	cracks and some slight glazing. Put in new brushes and belt (a
	grand total of $8.00) and everything seems to run fine now.

	I had the alternator bench-tested at Kragen's (local chain) with
	the old brushes, by the way, and it tested fine.  So ... could be
	a load-related thing.


Arun Rao
1001 W. Cutting Blvd.
Pt. Richmond, CA 94804