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Are tours given at the factory in Germany?

  Several months ago there was talk about whether or not they give tours 
over at the factory in Germany, but I don't remember what the final word 
was. There is a chance I might be going to Europe next year with some 
friends, and I would like to stop by and (if possible) take a tour. If 
they do not offer tours, is there anything to see? I figure if I'm going 
to be over there, I'm not going to pass this by. 

  Also, we would like to drive on the autobahn. Are there places that 
rent high performance cars? I would love to drive a Lotus, and maybe an 
Audi convertable. What are the rates per day? What about a min. age 
requirement? (I'll be 24 - ages of group will range from 19-24)


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