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Re: Motor dropping ......

Glen, with his usual wisdom, ponders:

>   Cranking the boost up to get 300+ HP? Where are all those
>   blown motors?    :)
>   Oh, those "Porsche" 924 4-cylinder engines
>   *are* Audi engines!

Yawohl!  But the (944 and ) 951 (turbo 944) is a "whole nother" beastie.  Heads 
are the same as one bank of the 928, and it uses dual counter-rotating balance 
shafts (Mitsubishi patent, alas...).  Unlike the 924, which is *Audi* 
engine/tranny, designed and built in Nekarsulm (*Audi*), the 944 engine/tranny 
is all Porsche.  The later 924S is a 944 without the fender flares (cheaper and 
better Cd, so faster too).

(note two occurances of *Audi* in this response...)

Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart