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Re: Runs crappy (wires)

[from Andrew Duane]

>Sorry, I forgot to mention that the plugs (Bosch Tri-electrode) and
>wires (Rapid Parts Blue Igniters) are aboutr 1 year old and look fine.
>I guess I'll call Norther Foreign Auto Parts for a price check on a
>new cap and rotor.
And see if the Blue Ignitors came with a coil to distributor wire. Mine was
a little singed at the distributor side and I put in a new wire. $12 at
dealer. (I probably paid too much) The 2.2 felt much happier after I put in
the wire. Now I just have to dump in the fresh tri-electrodes. Year old
plugs are probably not the most vroom vroom stuff around.

And of course my fuel pump is starting to mutter to itself. Sigh!

Ernest Wong