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Re: Circulation Fan Woes . . .

Hairy green toads from Mars made Davis Walp say:

> My 1988 Audi 90 quattro has a circulation fan that is in the throes of death.
> It must be a bearing, as occasionally it howls at me from behind the glove box
> proportionally to the speed of the fan.  
> My local mechanic informs me that it most likely will need replacing, and that
> (gulp) the whole dash needs to be removed to access the fan.  I am hoping that
> one of you have had experience with this and can share your experiences with me.
> Are there any cures, temporary or permanent short of replacing the entire unit?

Dave (and list),
	My '89 100Q is starting to do the same thing. I'd be interested
in solutions to this.
	Didn't someone once talk about just oiling the bearings on this
fan and curing it? It seems tough to replace a whole motor/fan just
because the bearings need oil.


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