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Re: Audi Transmission - the end story

Hairy green toads from Mars made Al Powell say:

> I am personally convinced that the auto trans. in the 5000/100/200 
> series is not strong enough for the service it's called to do.  The 
> Audi mechanic says he's almost never had to do a repair on an 80 or 
> 90, just the 100-200 (bigger) cars.  However, Audi says I'm out of 
> luck at 5 years and 63K miles.  Fine.....

How far did you go with Audi over this issue?

When my center status display started failing at 4 years/60K,
Audi said they'd pick up 80% of the cost and 50% of the labor.
My dealer said this would leave me to pay about $400 for the new
status computer.

Of course, it turned out to be dirty contacts, which can be cleaned
in 5 minutes. It is possible the dealer just said this, knowing they
would only clean the contacts....

The point is, most car makers will "warranty" major things that
fail somewhat out of warranty, if there is no reason for them to
fail. Transmissions should last a lifetime.


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