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Re: Audi Transmission - the end story

At 08:39 AM 8/10/95 -0500, you wrote:
>Hairy green toads from Mars made Al Powell say:

>The point is, most car makers will "warranty" major things that
>fail somewhat out of warranty, if there is no reason for them to
>fail. Transmissions should last a lifetime.

Actually from a mechanical eng. standpoint they shouldn't.

When you consider that a spec of dirt can get in and do significant
damage or the temperature range it is asked to operate in or the fatigue
from jack rabbit starts/stops it is pretty robust.  And not to mention all 
sorts of dynamic stuff from any shaft misalignment or wear.  BUT, 
I have no doubt that the 3speed auto was sized for a smaller car
and whatever margin was built in was eaten by the requirements
of the larger heavier 5000/100/200 class (adding a turbo was just
asking for it)  

I doubt audi would admit to underenginering a trans. -especially with the 
60 minutes memory still around-  hey MB blames drivers for tires getting 
flat spots because they don't drive them often enough (WSJ article on S class)

And Japanese OEM blame Americans eating in their cars for faulty seat

So audi won't fess up to anything

jim h
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