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Re: I've got a 4-door Audi Coupe GT

  Yes, I do understand that the Coupe GT is based on the 4000.
  I think there was a true "4000 Coupe" before there was
  a "Coupe GT". I don't have all the VIN data but perhaps
  the genealogy looks like this:

       "81"                "85"
   4000 sdn      4000 Coupe    (coupe bodystyle)
                            ur-Quattro       (coupe bodystyle)
                           4000 Quattro   (based on ur-Q floorpan, though a
  sedan bodystyle)
                           Coupe GT       (coupe bodystyle)

  If this is all true it would explain how the 4000Q
  ended up with a "coupe" VIN designation.