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Re: Mesh rims/cleaning

>     I generally keep them fairly clean, but I am getting tired of 
> spraying 409 on them, and rubbing with a towel or using a toothbrush to 
> get in the little crevices. I think If I do it much more I will develop 
> arthritus, or maybe carperal tunnel syndrome. Or I might just never do it 
> and develop a lot of brake dust and grease on my rims which would be just 
> about as bad.

I recall that Harrington (mail-order with rediculous prices) has a 
special brush that was pictured with a mesh wheel behind it. You'll still 
ahve to poke at every crevice, but having the right tool may make the job 
easier (vs. a tooth brush).

As for the Armor All tire care thing (is that you're talking about?), 
it's suppose to be safe with all kinds of wheel finishes. Personally, I 
use Eagle 1 cleaner -- although I must say the mist created while 
spraying is quite unjoyful.

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