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RE: TQC Brake Upgrade

>I ordered all the parts for my brake upgrade for my 83 TQC
>I am getting
>        front dual piston calipers from Shokan for 300 + s&h
>        Repco Deluxe (Semi-Metalic) pads f&r, Imparts $60
>        New Rubber brake lines f&r, Imparts $85
>        Front and Rear Caliper Rebuild Kits with pins, Carlsen ~ $100
>I have some redline DOT 5 silicone fluid I will use once together.

Everything I remember hearing/reading says to stay away from the silicone
fluid. Can't recall the particulars. I would go with a good hi temp brake 
fluid like
ATE super blue racing fluid, Motul or the Ford heavy duty fluid. Everyone 
has their
favorite and I use the ATE or Motul stuff.

When you upgrade to the 2 piston front calipers you also need the brake 
The stock TQC rotors don't work with the later calipers. And something I 
just the other week from a friend who did this mod to his 84 TQC, you need 
change the front/rear brake proportioning. With the stock TQC proportioning 
the rear brakes are just along for the ride and aren't doing any of the 
braking work.
At this point I am not sure of the correct Audi proportinong valve. I have 
seen another car with the 2 piston calipers running an adjustable brake 
biasing valve, a solution which works, but not sure if it's DOT legal for 
the street. Best of luck with the swap.

If anyone else has info on this upgrade, I would be interested in hearing 
it. It's on my list(along with a couple hundred other things).
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com
83 TQC
86 coupe GT