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RE: TQC Brake Upgrade

>Everything I remember hearing/reading says to stay away from the silicone
>fluid. Can't recall the particulars. I would go with a good hi temp brake 
>fluid like
>ATE super blue racing fluid, Motul or the Ford heavy duty fluid. Everyone 
>has their
>favorite and I use the ATE or Motul stuff.

Hmmmmmm....... I Use BMW Hi-Temp so do at least two other Q-Dudes with 
fast cars (One starts with PDQ....)
Motul pretty much sucks, Not a very high wet boiling temp.  As for 
Sillycone fluid it will corrode the hell out of your braking system if 
there's even the slightest HINT of H2O in the system.


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com