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A4 Test Report

I drove an A4 FWD Stick, Red one at that on Sunday at 
Rusnak.  I was very surprised about the silence inside 
the cabin.  I have never driven such a quiet small 

VEry roomy front, rear is kind of small but good for 
the class. Chassis is very tight and feels like a 
Mercedes, kind of vault like. 

Power was ok, I am not a Big fan of the V6, but it is 
competent. Steering feel was excellent, and much 
better than the last S4 I drove.

Handling was very good, kind of limpet like on some 
tight sweepers I took.  Made the salesperson look a 
little sick after a dozens turns at speed. 

Over-servoed brakes though, reminded me of american 
cars, but that is after stepping out of my V8 which 
has very poor pedal feel.  I could get use to it.

Trunk!!!!! Very big and roomy.

I think the A6 is better if you need more room, but 
the A4 has my vote versus the BMW 325 and Volvo 850.
Versus the C Class Mercedes, only redeeming virtues 
are better resale, and Mecedes parts are a little less 
expensivew than Audi, believe it or not.
I have a 190 2.3-16V and I have had to buy parts from 
time to tim.  They are cheaper than Audi for the same 
or comparable Bosch/ATE Part.

I want to drive an A4 Quattro next!