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video's??send qq's again

Did some one aks me some questions about the list of Audi videos that 
I posted up a couple of days ago.
Sorry but for some silly reason (I was in a different mail server I 
didn't know how to use) all my messages managed to delete them 
selves. So if you got questions ask away.

I think one was whether there were available in the US.
Don't know! The list I photocopied was from the inside of video 
(quattro ___) that was being played at a car show! That is how I know 
it is like , but still different to the Audi quatro exp. The list 
comes with a list of prices in DM but I don't know what German money 
is worth these days. It says videos available in VHS, other formats 
available ie BETA. I don't know whether this is in PAL or NTSC, but 
since I live in Australia the video I saw was in PAL. The guy at the 
car show said the vid came from Sydney and was crapping on about some 
order form so I assume you can buy them through the local Australian 
Importer, so you may be able to buy them through your own Importer, 

Also at this show (same dispaly) they had Colin McRae's NewZealand 
winning Subaru Impreza and an Orix Audi 80 that they race over here 
in the 2litre championship (most cars are nicked straight from the 
BTCC like the volvo wagons etc.) these were really cool.
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