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Re: Underhood hydraulic pump

In a message dated 95-09-03 22:54:31 EDT, scot@phoenix.phoenix.net (Scot
VanAlstine) writes:

>I have a 1986 4000cs Quattro.  There is a hydraulic pump under the hood
>that has one hose going to a reservoir on the fire wall. One of the hoses
>for this pump is leaking slightly.  It's been chafed by the mount that
>holds it stationary.  What does it provide the hydraulics to?  Is this what
>uses the Pentosin that I hear you guys talking about in barely a whisper?

Scot, that's the pump and reservoir for the power steering. If your level is
low, it takes run 'o' the mill automatic transmission fluid(ATF). It's soo
good not to be cursed with Pentosin :)   The owner's manual covers all of the

-Chris Semple
'87 4000q