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Re: Underhood hydraulic pump

In a message dated 95-09-04 01:05:45 EDT, you write:

>Scot, that's the pump and reservoir for the power steering. If your level is
>low, it takes run 'o' the mill automatic transmission fluid(ATF). It's soo
>good not to be cursed with Pentosin :)   The owner's manual covers all of
>-Chris Semple
>'87 4000q

whoa there---

Yes, the owner's manual DOES say to use ATF--read it twice.  So I did.  But
on the side of the reservoir (covered under the grime accumulated from the
spray of a leaking hydraulic pump--yes the entire left side of my motor had a
dull grime) was a little silver sticker w/ black lettering about "mineral
hydraulik oel"  This car ate two hydraulic pumps in the 90k miles I owned it;
 I have no clue about the rack.

YMMV.  I'm guessing either VW makes mid-year engineering changes (my '87
4000csq was made in 12/86) or uses an extreme method of JIT--parts being used
from whatever parts bin is full and will work for the car!

look for that sticker!