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Re: Underhood hydraulic pump

Chris Semple writes:

>the course of 3 pages, it advises the use of ATF consistently. Methinks it
>may be a case of borrowing parts from other models. I'll go with this info
>and my 300K+ on three 4000q and a TQC. I haven't replaced a rack or pump on
>*any* of the cars.(now that I've said this...)

One way to verify this might be to check the p/n on the hydraulic pump--see
if its the same as on some of the 4cyl 4k models where only ATF is specified
or like the 5cyl 5k models requiring Pentosin.  I never did that so couldn't
tell you.  I'm a bit curious about the 300k+ on 3 4kq and a tqc--the '87 i
had ate its first pump within 30k miles and was replaced under warranty.  the
second one i had to pay for at about 70k, and i traded the car about a year
later--if i recall correctly, the rebuilt pump (zf, i believe) also had a tag
warning to use mineral oil hydraulic fluid only.  btw, it was the seals that
went--dissolved or failed, allowing hydraulic fluid to create a film all over
the hood above the pump, and going back along the left side of the motor.
 what a mess.