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I recently joined the quattro list server, and it's been enjoyable. 
This is my first post.  I have owned a 1993 90CSQ for nearly two years
and am very impressed with the car itself and the strides in quality
Audi has made since my 1984 4K was built (BTW, I have over 210K miles
on this car, and it still keeps motoring along!).  Now, my question: 
The Quattro could use another 20-30 HP (more would be nice, but let's
not be greedy).  I have spoken to my service manager, folks at
Shaumberg Audi, and folks at Intended Acceleration in WA State.  All
seem to concur that there is no reasonable means to increase HP in the
2.8 V6 -- either by chipping or by modifying the throttle body (I have
no interest in an aftermarket turbo).  I have been told that the
factory has made the engine management and fuel delivery systems
optimal (and user unfriendly) for this car.  Since I don't have the
expertise or facility to re-design/engineer my engine, am I stuck?  I
was also warned that there are unscrupulous (never!) folks out there
who will be glad to take my money for a new set of clothes (Mama, but
the Emperor isn't wearing anything . . .).  Any suggestions, or do I
wait for a 1998 A(S)4 with the new 24-valve 2.8 good for @ 190-200 HP? 
With all the grousing about the lack of power in the new A4, it would
seem like prospective buyers will soon be asking the same question. 

Also- Anyone know where I can get a set of (reasonably-priced,
lightly-used) 14-inch, 4-bolt alloy wheels for a 4000?

Michael R. Thomas