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Fog lights, on w/ headlights?

> >Note that you defeat the whole purpose of fog lights if you have your
> >headlights on.  Headlights are mounted too high to work right in fog,
> >rain and snow.  Thanks to our brain-dead politicians that specified a
> >MINIMUM height for headlights.  This also screwed up the design of my
> >favorite car, the Lotus Europa, but don't get me started on that.  Many
> >cars have the fog lights interlocked to require the headlights be on.
> >Foolishness, IMHO.

A general question for all.

I had projection beam foglamps installed on a car I recently bought.

To my dismay, when I turned them on one evening, I found out that 
they only turn on when the low-beam headlights are on!  They turn off 
when you put the high-beams on (not a really big deal), and they turn 
off when you have the parking lights on.

What is the point?

If I'm driving in the fog, I want my headlights off, and the foglamps 

Anyhow, I've seen this "feature" on a pontiac I had the misfortune of 

Is this some government conspiracy, or just the unwise auto 
manufacture's poor decision?

- Mike White 

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