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V8 Handling/brakes

Thanks to everyone who offered advice about buying a V8

It looks like I'll buy the car, were down to haggling over the last details.
I took it for a drive and I feel that the suspension is a bit soft for my
taste & relatively bumpy for the softness. I guess this is due to the
combination of 50 series tyres and the weight of the infernal calipers. So
I have two questions:

What shocks/bars etc do you fit to improve handling? &

Various people mentioned upgrading the brakes to a conventional setup. Is
this setup a v8 only  or does it use parts frm other cars? Also is the mod
limited to calipers & rotors or does it involve suspension/driveshafts etc?

John Firkins
83 & 85 Ur-Q
90 V8?