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Re: V8 Handling/brakes

>What shocks/bars etc do you fit to improve handling? &

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!  It took me almost 10 Months to 
develop a package for the 5KTQ,  And that's for a car that there are 
existing applications.    Okay, yes I'm almost done with the package just 
three "little" things to iron out and then I be able let everyone know 
about it, But let's just say it's been WELL WORTH the wait.

>Various people mentioned upgrading the brakes to a conventional setup. Is
>this setup a v8 only  or does it use parts frm other cars? 

It's using the 200TQ/S4/S6 front brakes

>Also is the mod limited to calipers & rotors or does it 
>involve suspension/driveshafts etc?

The whole upright, driveshaft, hub, caliper, rotor and lines have to be 
replaced... A very expensive undertaking. ($2000 maybe, if memory serves 
me correct)


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com