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Fwd: Re: 4000q a winner -hmmmm

Eric, Scott, Bob, and Steve,

	I agree, that 0.500 seconds is a long time in an autox, but I 
think Steve has done very well coming within .5 seconds of Andy Hollis. 

	In the Detroit and Saginaw regions, there are a few guys that are 

definitely national level drivers.  They usually run in their own 
class, but if they do run in the regular class, they are 2-3 seconds 
ahead of the next class up, nevermind their own class!  The fact that 
Steve got within .5 sec of Andy Hollis, and at a real 'this one counts' 

autox, is very significant.  
	I contend that a freak of nature that makes Steve blink the wrong
(right) way could shave off that last .5 seconds, and he could actually
beat Hollis.  I think with a little practise, Steve just might have 
it takes, even in a 4KQ, to beat the almighty MX6 of Andy Hollis. 

	I may be wrong :-)  Why don't you all come to Ionia, MI in 
October, and find out?

Graydon D. 
Stuckey									<<<<

I talked to the wife about it last night.  Just tell me when!  Maybe 
Glen and Robert Philips can make it?  BTW, I haven't seen Robert around 
during this discussion.... anyone seen him?  He whitnessed one race of 
mine, maybe he can add some insight.

Steve  Verona