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Fwd: Re: 4000q a winner -hmmmm

You know. Results talk. Critics walk.
After you have this winter to give car more cornering prowess and
strengthen yourself (physically and mentally), next season will tell. 
because the odds are against you doesn't mean you will at least win a 

Shut 'em up. Post the wins. You do us Audi-dudes proud.

Ernest Wong


Thank you for the support.  It is comments like these that motivate me 
even more.  I actually contemplated selling the OOOOwww-D and buying a 
Neon ACR.  Then I said to myself, "That is crazy!"  I like my quattro, 
I like the fact that it is different, I like winning when people say it 
can't be done, and I like beating the sportscars when the drivers say 
the "heavy, slow, sedan" doesn't have a prayer.

As far as the comments about sinking money into the car.  I don't plan 
on "sinking" any money.  I enjoy driving the car on the road as well as 
the track.  I paid $3,000 for the car and have invested another $1,000 
for mainteance and upgrades. I don't know of anybody that can say they 
have had any success in a car that they have only $4,000 in.  Most of 
the cars that win in stock classes are new and/or expensive.

Steven Verona