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QTC: ABT Gauge Extensions

Just a quick note to the list to let anyone who has wanted one of the ABT 3 
gauge gauge cluster extensions for their QTC/early 4000/Coupe that there may 
be some available in Europe.  Tomas Kasan is investigating availability and 
he is estimating the cost at ~$200.  He does not know how many are available, 
but if you are interested in getting one, leave him a direct e-mail message 


FYI - Tomas is the owner of an '83 QTC who lives in the San Francisco Bay 
area of California.  I believe that his primary purpose is to locate some
parts for his own car, not necessarily to be in the business of selling
parts, so I appreciate his offering us this service.  

I stand to gain nothing from the sale of any of the extensions other than
the opportunity to get one for myself :)

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)