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Re: QTC: ABT Gauge Extensions

I have been working on an alternative to this ABT
system.  I seem to remember the ABT takes up the
middle vents :-(  Car needs every vent it's got!
My current mock up is using a tripple VDO mouting
cluster from IMPARTS with some scavenged VDO guages
from the junk yard, lots of old Audis laying about
in various states of disassembley.  Sombody had already 
taken them out the the dash for me, so for $2.00 each I 
bough them.  :-)  Anyhow, the IMPARTS piece looks for a flat 
dash and the TQC has a gutter shaped dash.  Think'n about cutt'n
the IMPARTS piece to match.  Anyone ever put red bulb
covers in a VDO or change arms from Orange to White (etc) ?
So far I have less than $20.00 invested into the project.

paul t-