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Questions about 5k brake bombs

On Thursday, I let Allan Morris (another Q-lister) drive my 5k back from the
deli where we had lunch to the office building where we both work.  It's his
opinion that my car is lacking in power assist -- both the steering & brakes
required more effort than he thought was normal -- and it failed the Bentley
brake-pedal "pump" test miserably (the assist lasted one or two pumps, max).

Obviously, I need to replace the accumulator.  The problem is, I've grown to
LIKE the way the car feels, especially the brakes, and I'm very reluctant to
"fix" it if this means a return to the spongy brakes I suffered with before.
I have a vacuum brake booster from a 4000 lying around as well as a spare PS
pump from an older 5k (it does not have the fitting for the second hydraulic
line) that can be used ... has anyone else ever tried this retrofit?  Surely
I can't be the ONLY person whose mind works this way?

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